Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hot Wings addendum

Ah, I love it when an entry helps to generate synergy. The "Convergence" site is really all about community, and I think it's great when anyone wants to contribute to something I've written about.

In the spirit of that very notion, Fred posted a comment last night on my "Hot Wings" entry that included the suggestion that, "there ought to be a rule that wing prep should be done while wearing an apron with a witty phrase on the front. this allows everyone at the party to know who's in charge. (i.e. "Fred be doin' the BBQ-in')."

Then he sent me a picture.

So, as a helpful addition to my thoughts on the perfect hot wing, here the mighty Fred-O demonstrates his readiness for the big game. However, his wife was too embarrassed to be seen with him, so he had to snap this shot of himself in the mirror. Enjoy!


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Phemia said...

You write very well.