Wednesday, January 9, 2008

See the Shrimp!

The picture I used for my "Jumbo Shrimp" entry is actually from a restaurant in Galveston, TX. Gaido's Restaurant is located at 3900 Seawall Blvd, and also sports a dandy giant Crab out front(It's just to the right of the lower picture). I'm not sure if the restaurant is still open, and if it is, I honestly have no idea what the food is like. But hey, they've got a giant shrimp, and that's not something you see just everyday!

If any of you Houstonians get down to Galveston, check out Gaido's and tell me if the shrimp is still there.

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Anonymous said...

The shrimp was part of a restaurant called Shrimp's. It was the cheaper version of Gaido's. Owned by the Gaido's family and all. Gaido's is still there, but the Shrimp's Restaurant was torn down, probably to make room for parking at Gaido's. I will try to find out if the giant shrimp is still there for you soon.